We believe in adventure:

we are carbon negative and we do much more...

We value those epic moments, the places that take our breath away, the trips that start without any expectation and end up being unforgettable. We also value the moments, the pictures that you can't even imagine capturing in your dreams, the most incredible waves and especially all that we have yet to discover.

However, after all we have been through, we know that we are a very small part of the adventure, that nothing on the planet belongs to us. If it gives us so much, we must also commit to it. That is why, in 2021, we announced that we are becoming carbon-negative by collaborating on environmental projects endorsed by the United Nations.

It has been a while since we started a long path of honesty, commitment and respect at Blue Banana and now we have taken it to the next level. Will you join us?

A naked nature brand.

Honesty with what we do. We present ourselves as we are, we talk openly about our projects and how we work to make them happen.

Caring for the adventure.

Commitment to adventure and everything that surrounds it. We are aware of the importance of the land, the sea, the air and all the living beings that allow us to continue enjoying it.

Inspiring a way of doing.

Respect for nature. We know we cannot save the world. What we can do is to leave a positive impact on it. We can inspire and spread a message to the world: that there is a cleaner and more sustainable way of traveling, of living, of taking risks...

Here we collect the things we are doing, but also what we are about to change. All of it to walk the world as if we had never been there.


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We are aware of the damage this industry causes to the planet. That is why in 2020 we made a strong commitment to the adventure and everything surrounding it. The first step towards that commitment was the launch of our first collection with 100% sustainable materials, but we know it was just the beginning of a long road.

Today, this commitment continues and we are moving forward to transform Blue Banana into a leading brand in terms of sustainability. Therefore, since the launch of Autumn-Winter '21, our largest collection to date, we decided to not only compensate, but to become carbon negative by eliminating twice the carbon footprint generated by all our activities (production, commercial, administrative and others), through a partnership with DCycle, traceability and sustainable transformation strategies experts. We do this by collaborating in environmental projects coordinated and supervised by the United Nations. You can view the complete study of our environmental impact at this link and our UN certificate here.

This strengthens our commitment to adventure and takes us one step closer to achieving our goal by becoming the first Spanish fashion brand to become carbon negative.

Additionally, we collaborate with NGOs that work to make the world a better place: PRODIS, which employs people with disabilities, helps us with order management and warehouse organization; Trees for the Future, that planted 25,000 trees in Africa thanks to a donation we made in 2021; Hidden Deserts, that is restoring the Mediterranean flora with Blue Banana's support…

With all this, we keep taking steps towards a real sustainable activity, with less impact, greater inclusion and, most importantly, a forward-looking perspective.


Textile industry is evolving. From the product itself to everything that surrounds it. We know there is still a long way to go, but we started building a responsible brand when we chose to use sustainable materials for our garments, a decision that today applies to other areas of our production process as well.

Why do we choose organic cotton instead of conventional cotton?

Organic cotton farming contributes to preserving biodiversity and maintaining healthy ecosystems. Its environmental impact is very low, as it uses less water because it is rain-fed rather than artificially irrigated. It also improves the quality of the soil, as its seeds are not genetically modified and do not require pesticides or fertilizers. This is very important considering that conventional cotton is responsible for 25% of the world's pesticide usage.

What about recycled polyester?

To create a truly circular system, we should reuse the goods we already have. Polyester recycling consists of transforming raw material waste such as plastic bottles into textile fiber. Through this process we address one of the main environmental challenges of recent times, plastic pollution, and we also give utility to something that is going to be on our planet for a long time.

New materials: Are they also sustainable?

We are all about nature and that is why we choose materials that are respectful with it. In 2021, we decided to use some that were not only sustainable but also innovative, such as nettle, seaweed and hemp fibers, which we used in two of this year's collections.

We also use recycled Thermolite® as the filling of our coats. This material is made from waste, so it allows us to take advantage of existing resources and give them a new life.


Finding clothes made of eco-friendly materials can be tricky. Not having them delivered home in a plastic bag is an even bigger challenge. Perhaps you're wondering what's the point of buying an ultra sustainable product if its packaging harms the planet. That's exactly why our packaging matches what's inside:

  • Our blue bag is made with non-woven recycled materials.
  • Our shipping bag is made of 70% recycled materials.
  • Our garment bag is made of PLA, a material made from natural and renewable resources such as corn and which is 100% compostable.



We have been told over and over again to check the Made in on the labels of what we buy. But what if we tell you that we have to go beyond that and forget about where it was made and think about how it was done? What are the labor conditions of the employees in each factory? What kind of materials do they work with?

At Blue Banana we believe that a location is much more than its associated stigma. That's why we proudly divide our production between Europe and Asia. And, yes, we do say proudly because we work with the best factories in Spain and Portugal, but we also have excellent collections sourced in China, Bangladesh and Turkey. In each country we work with companies that ensure workplace safety and carry out thorough inspections to guarantee favorable working conditions. In addition, we believe that avoiding production in countries such as Bangladesh could do more harm than good, especially for the 4 million people in the area who depend on the textile industry to make a living.

Transparency is key and we are committed to continue learning and evolving towards a better future, not only for our planet, but for the people who make Blue Banana as we know it.

We know that we still have much to learn, but we are miles away from what we were years ago and we feel that we are on the right track.


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